Monday, August 23, 2010

Danny Mania

"They let Falla in this shit again?"-Took
"He's gonna take the cake this year brah"-Gumba Johnny

"You didn't get my email and Ical invite? It said Black cinco T not white..... But hey that Pedophile stash is pretty marketable bro.."-SteveR
We got Wilkins in our pocket so its pretty much in the bag.
Ever been caught looking at porn in public? Mikendo and his stash have...
New Jersey is a hell of a state. These 2 can testify.
The 2 greatest words in the English language DE FAULT! Thanks to mother nature and my 2 weeks of rain dancing they called the event off and Falla tied for first place with 22 other dudes....Looks like our boy is drinking Inca Cola out of an ill Goblet this month.

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