Thursday, August 12, 2010

45 minutes in Ridgewood Queens

So we ventured into the Galaxy the other day and stopped by Sideshow Skate shop on Fresh Pond Road.
After trying on an arsenal of militant weed smoking gear we decided to hit the streets. Shout out to Vinnie and YoYo at Sideshow.
I guess just trying on the gas mask bong gave Sweet Tooth Tookmanian some serious munchies.
Grown ass man, Grown ass teen
After crashing into and denting this perfectly fine "bump" to garage door these two angels emerged from a creepy basement and gave us vegan treats for our efforts.
all in a days work brah-Took
I checked the 5B blog exposure meter the other day and i discovered Barnes just fell into 15th place behind my Dad. I know you viewers are hungry to see what he's been up to. So...heres a normal 5pm on a sunday with J. Barnes...

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