Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome to our Agenda Booth

Our homie Horatio the school bus driver welcomes you on your way into the 5B Agenda Booth
Big ups to DPW of NYC for hookin up these dope board racks this show.

Here we have Larry the loudmouth construction worker. When he's not swinging a hammer or hollaring at your girl, he's chain smoking rolled cigs rocking the new 5B Vintage T.

All over print brass knuckles and switch blades were so last season right? This is the season of the pigeon.
Need to make a call and your a dead beat dude with $200 sneakers and no cell phone? Make a call on us here at the 5B booth. We got you.
and Carl the alcoholic with a heart of gold bids you farewell when you depart. Make sure to come by and see us everyday in the streets.

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