Monday, July 19, 2010

Another weekend in Bethlehem part 1

Flow Captain J. Barnes sparked the crew at the 9am call time
B. Clarke spun the wheel and lost his ability to skate the demo....maybe next time homie.
"So hows Pennsylvania treating you so far Mr. Matt Mumford?"
This dude thought Butt was that nerdy kid from Superbad so he gave him the gas face.
610 was in full effect
so was Roland Cash and his crew
We gave this teenage blader some hope when we traded his fruit boots for a deck....
Just when we gained one...J. Barnes jumped ship.
new threads new swagger
G. Wallace was there signing autographs and spitting science to the youth
Our little Gumba homie was handing out slices to the kiddies...
Evan sighting.

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