Sunday, March 7, 2010

Left Coastin

Once we crossed the border into CA we had to take Barnes for his first IN and OUT burger....Verdict: Not impressed.
I hear they film porno at 3 up 3 down these days....
Thank god our hotel room had a needle depository.
from one g to another
Miley Session

Dan "The Man" Pensyl Tail skidder right before talking his way out of a $125 ticket.
This is the spot Omar killed? spot.
Did we mention we got to chill with 5B legend Andy Pitts?
Delaware Destroyers
Hey remember this guy? Me neither.
Costa Mesa is a war zone these days. Hummers and pretty much mandatory.
Revolving Sushi...Once again Barnes wasn't impressed.
Big thanks to everyone at Volcom for letting us crash at their crib for the weekend.
So i says to him
5B homie Dave Ashley is killing it with his new shop in Costa Mesa called the Armory.
More hospitality than the Olive Garden. Go here and spend all your mom's loot.
We heard there was an Alice and Wonderland themed party at Steve Stratton's house so the crew got their game up.
Some took it a little too far and out did all the others...
Stratto himself
enthusiasm curbed
Sober Pensyl's new vice is Corn Syrup.
Same with Took.
The rest of us still have beer.
Taking the role too far can result in memory loss and massive junk food consumption.
bottles be poppin

$30 and a lung full of fumes later Akers got 2nd Place.....
Not as good as advertised.
When Dial cant do the trick i would avoid finger foods..but hey that's just me.
We started the track back east and ran into Evan "GQ" Smith". 3k miles back to NYC.


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