Saturday, March 27, 2010

End of the road?

Andy Pitts in tune form
the Doogal gets all flustered when he orders at Denny's
After snorting some steroids and doing some reps at the old gym we thought it was fitting to grab a smoothie before heading to link up with Montesi and crew at Westside Skate Shop.
Some didn't agree with what the menu had to offer.
Akers and DJ KillinIt on the 1's and 2's.
Do you know Bam?


Some dude and another GQ shot of Badcock.
Lets bring back the mall grab but this time in religious youth form.
Super Cuts jump off
Akers and Montesi
The yin and the yang
blazing trails
Really?Jesus Danny. Not again?
ungrateful clutz
Akers dipped off the trip as we dropped him off at his crib in Philly.
The other guys and i have nothing to live for so instead of heading home to see our families we went to the 17th and Wallace spot to link up with Geiger and Dougs....
Ricky and a dehydrated goon.
Oh yeah we did go to NYC for a few hours....
Greeted by this fine young gentleman right off the bat.
Rob and SteveR
Instead of chilling at the playground and taking photos of little kids in the jungle gym BK decided to shoot the same kids playing skate in a basement. Weird.
Ralphy handling biz.
Shannon and Butt
Sleepy time
Went to back to Philly for an art show/cake eat contest at Exit Skate shop.
Took and Big Akers
That broad from the Gilbert Grape movie gave us the boot from this retard ramp.
After being in the van with each other for 7 weeks lets say we have a new found hatred for each other. We are all in denial about this trip ending so lets just keep it going. PEACE.

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