Friday, March 12, 2010

LA to Tuscon to Houston to Hell

We all took a ton of acid at the Volcom House if you didn't notice.
Akers peaked and ended up in jungle.
Once the acid wore off we decided to dip.

Too many bad decisions start to take up space over time.
Stopped by the Stone to chill with Stratto.
Made sure to eat bland Mexican food before we left Cali as well.
backseat entertainment.
Orange is for Safety
Cavities? Diabetes?
3rd time back and he's still claiming it sucks....
seen enough packing the van photos yet? Yup its all we do.

Jimmy's blog is kinda like his video part. No updates since Jan....
tender pits to chesty
arts and crafts time with Akers and Suski
old faithful

Back lips are the new beer bong
Too busy to film a trick.
Port Jervis, NY and Phoenix, AZ
he good
they say he did that.
Meet new 5B Flow Trash Trace Saylor from Houston, TX!
straight to the $2 dvd bin.
human fly with radiation poisoning
Trace, Akers and Doogs held it down for a bit. Think we might mosey on over to Florida to chill with Falla and BadCock....See you in the Sunshine State shun.

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