Saturday, February 6, 2010

that time yesterday

Met up my fellow homeless bro Took the other day to star our trip out west...
Got to Philly and met up with Akers in Fishtown
Snow in the forecast? Naturally Took eats ice cream.
Explorer stance
Steve Miller is an American.
the doog
Kill the blogger
Dust collectors
These dudes rolled up.
So did the ginger dude with issues.
BK is unhealthy psyched.
Welcome to 3rd grade.
Every artist is proud of their work...
more bros. Now for about 15 or so obvious posse flicks. Enjoy!
A frightened Pensyl and a psyched Akers.
1 beer, 1 shot of Jameson, 1 hot pretzel brah.
John K, Doogal and Boo
Pensyl and the Truth.
Pro and flow. Falla and Clarke.
Bk took Ecstasy if you couldn't tell from this flick.
Akers and Brooke
Akers and Phil took a sip of this bum potion from our boy on the right and haven't been the same since.
snow bros.
Big ups from the Rotten Apple. Falla, Powers and Gonyon.
Nick Skeglia showed face
we gon make it.
Geiger and Lanz
Bee eff effs. Clarke and Grandstrand.

Willy makes a hell of an omelet when he unbuttons a few buttons.
Winter Wonderland. See you in ATL.

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