Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi Gras Mayhem

cookies and milk make Danny a happy boy.
We packed back in the 4 wheeled coffin and headed South West
Soft talkin
fuel for the fire
We went to the PG rated version of Mardi Gras the first night which consisted on positivity, unity and these dope floats.
Met up with Tour Guide/Best dude out, Ben at his local watering hole/lawnmower shed.
Akers and his corpse like friend talked shop for a bit.
teef shavin

Full plate
Akers caught the party bus....
Then in attempt to track down Akers we ran into these charmers in the French Quarter...
We found him lurking out with the senior citizen discount crew down on Bourbon Street.
Rob Gonyon where you at?
This dude shook me down for a dollar after i shot this flick of him.
casualty of the glitch
I heard its easy to get caught up in the scene.
Apparently these beads are real hard to come by or something?
Papa Creepshow cashed his pension and bought beads to prey on the naive youth. Old man is livin the dream.

The new Pensyl
Mardi Mall grab
3am beef stroganoff session.
Breakfast round 2 with Joe Took
waiting for ma man
The Jumbo Shrimp Po Boy is the way to go. Cant be mad at that.
Frugal livin
Ill be gone 500 miles before the day is done.

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