Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The end of an era

The newest to drink the Kool Aid...Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce you to Mr. Brian Clarke. Doogal gives his shifty eyed approval.
making up for lost time.
Did you download the update for the Sex Offender App for the Iphone? It lets you know which bodega your local kreep buys his porn at.
Kitchen resident Rob Gonyon holds in down for the Rotten Apple.
wake up and smell the frostbite.
We waited for the coldest day of the year to shoot new portraits for the 5B site.

Pre-Portrait calisthenics

"shooting photos today? You guys are idiots"-slightly over educated youth
Akes and Nar take different paths to the bottom.
Looking into a crystal ball? Hit the books Gonyon.

Casino mission turned into an episode of storm chasers.
We had planned on eating steaks but since the casino stole all our $ we settled for BK.
So yeah we have to be out of are apartment in 5 hours...time to get to work.

Lets just say this mattress has done its fair share of flipping.
Its hard to say goodbye to the parking cone you woke up next to after a black out.
The Tooks came, grabbed the Ice Tea mix, then dipped.
Find it on the curb, ditch it on the curb. Furniture moves full circle my friend.
last supper on Manhattan Ave.
the railroad is behind us. Maybe next time we will get an apartment with walls?

then there were none.
Went back to NJ to eat grapes with my pops and watch the NJ Nets loose their 42nd game this season. Somethings don't ever change.

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