Wednesday, January 6, 2010


After 3 months under a rock in South Boston this dude showed up at my door drinking a beer a 9am.
McDonalds bound Mall Grabs
Akers' rat roommates were cool enough to let us crash for a few days.
Hace Frio Mang
Who knew the Focus trade show was at the Old ECW arena?
Akers went food shopping right out back.
Picked up the puppet master from the train.
Eduardo and Luis.
Fallito and Powers
Pretty sure when i die and go to Hell my personal Hell is gonna be ordering a cheesesteak, waiting for it and it never comes.
Andy Po has been getting mass coverage lately.
Steve Miller was hating on all the eating photos we have on this blog until we took one of him.
man the iphone takes shitty photos. Buy me a new cam SteveR.
Akers brain farts while Nieratko gets an ear full of rep talk in the background.
Was taking this flick of Falla then Gonyon hit us up with an update live from the Rotten Apple.

AZ reunion. Lanz, Geiger and Ivory Bakers.
Watching paint dry is kinda tight huh? Or was it boiling water? Cant remember.
Ed showed us what it takes to wake him up in the morning(note: this was right after he snorted 3 huge lines of Crystal Meth).
who knew the heat would call out sick?
Waited 2 days for the Sandman to show up and he never did.
Our favorite malnourished camo fatigue rocking stick figure made a quick appearance.
I gave Akers and his girl a bottle of wine for letting us crash for a few days then he proceeded to really let me know what he thought of our friendship and smashed it on the pavement. I thought we was cool.