Friday, January 1, 2010

good riddance

Fuck it. its snowing outside and i don't have cable so why not spend x-mas eve last minute shopping with 5B slackers Rob Gonyon and Danny Falla.

fill that beak with the goodness.
Fun for the whole fam.
Savin them Soles.
Pick up your Hanukkah jump offs for half price and stack em for next year.
Don't even try your grandson is gonna hate it.
go for yours kid.
Looking in the mirror is the worse thing to do when you take acid for your first time. Just trust me.
We told Falla if he bought the Cat Clock we would stop being friends with him.
far from sold
"Sir, this is Bed, Bad and Beyond. We dont accept EBT"

Maleki seemed to have a boy crush on my man Gonyon....
....but then got pretty bashful when the photo op came up.

Softer than soft serve.
Ran into my somewhat successful of a sister when i went home for x-mas. Keep making me look bad bitch.
Then got murked out by my Pops in beer pong.
Pasta-the poorman's caviar.
im sorry.
Main Street empenadas are still on point.
I hear they are quick to put a bullet in a strangers dome here. But hey i dunno.
Mario Kart? Real life? same shit.
pollo con nada.
descriptive story time

G Wallace has been eating for 2 the last 9 months and im not talking pregnancy.
Chris Blake took Ecstasy on new years eve and got a little text happy.
Struggling strippers nightmare.
Lets start 2010 out with a bang and brush your teeth on your dirty dishes. We need to get a new apartment.
Dont ask. And good lord don't tell.

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