Monday, January 25, 2010

the 11th hour

Kinda early for Spring cleaning but we gave our whole team the boot and signed Manny Paquio. Call Melissa and pre-book homie's board.
wig perm

Street Carnivore
One man's trash is another mans disappointment.

Flow Trash Rob Gonyon got a new birthmark.
Don't look back. The wagon is long gone.
hostile youth
This is our new flow child Sylvester "Doogie" Eduardo.
living legend's eat grilled cheese and wear scarfs indoors.
keep it casual
pobresito nino.
Falla is passing Drivers Ed so far but somehow failing Spanish.
We picked up Pensyl from his local hangout the other day.

Anyone mind if i mix this bondo in the car?
Yo No Se Chico. Yo No Se.
oh yeah forgot to tell you every time you get in the car for the next 3 months you will automatically get a headache and get light headed. At least it ain't Jenkum.
Jimmy consumes while Falla contemplates ending his life.
I was strapped for cash so i photo assisted on a douche bag photo shoot the other day. Times sure are tough.
Badcock made a surprise appearance for one night then dipped back to FLA.
When the smoked cleared there was Took......
Pizza Math
Rob Gonyon gave us a tour of his bachelor pad in his parents basement the other day.
Idol regret.
Swole Zone.
William Charles Akers Jr.

We out.

The softest ending of a blog update ever. PEACE.

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