Tuesday, July 21, 2009

not much to see here(NYC-ROC)

Got em
high guy
armpit flavored chips...a willy akers tradition
Puke was there 
so was our boy Joe from France who now lives in the do or die
"Welcome to my world"-Rigney
high ollie contests aren't worth it.
Like Devito and Schwarzenegger 
Silent flow meeting
Went to the beach the other day to work on that farmer tan
Next day i met this amazing human
calm down woo sah
Then this scumbag appeared out of nowhere.Took is a sick fuck and watches the shitty ending of the Soprano's all day long. The man has ice in his veins
ready for the road

they slowly came crawling in...
Will he film a trick this trip? 
I think this answers that question. 
Saw Nar Nar at a stoplight on the way out of the city. See you in Rochester. 

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