Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Afro Punked

Nerds at the Bar
Falla only skates Danny Pads now.
Fuck the stork
Geiger is in town. 
Torro y Maldo
Our boy Sebastian from Bogota is in NYC. Hell of a guy.
Digi stance
Slob Stance
FLA connection Adam is in town as well. His MTN DEW seems to be foaming for some reason.
Holly wood Geigs
Peruvian Pythons 
Jenn, Bakers and the president of the Danny Falla fanclub.
Daniel tiene pinga de yello
Drowing sorrows
boo hoo
Boxing lessions
5B potion is about to hit the market. Cop it!
New flow rider Aquil
Gonyon, The Bossman and Geiger
Feeding time
Happy Campers
Geiger: "think you'll ever get on?"
Gonyon: "Fuck no"
Last man standing. Peace.

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