Tuesday, July 21, 2009

its never sunny in Rochester, NY

Barnes has a bit of a gambling problem.
and the paychecks slowly disappear.
Empty handed a few rest stops later. The house always wins.
4am pop in

10am shopping spree
One time we stayed at Roy's house and we got banned from Oswego, NY. True Story.
Boner and Flatbar
Mother and Son
Took with the runt of the litter
did i mention there was pre-teen sand grappling?
and beach volleyball
cant take these guys anywhere

Took's back nosegrind was filmed by 6 different hi-8 cameras. 
a man and a mic

Kimbo stiz
Sucks when you give your bro money for beer and he buys Keystone Ice. What a way to ruin your birthday.
still grieving 

Dancin with Blanch and them bitches
Someone got locked out last night.
pay to play
No remorse. 
The house that Krud built.
Branding coordination doesn't cover up the last 27 years of sin. Nice try though. 
Went to see Ian at his grandpa's bagel joint....
Ian and Barnacle
Pizza Bagel
Bagel dog
stoney bologna 
Bagel Bob and staff
Stoner in the headlights.
Tunnel vision
Peter Parker jump off
Barnes got kicked off Krudco once....
i swear to god ill just buy a sandwich. I promise. 
Here you at homie? Please call home.
The usual border shakedown was a hell of a time.
Got the green light. See you in Montreal.

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