Saturday, February 21, 2009

NJ to Bogota

Snaking drains with Joe Took was pretty exciting
saw duster
This ain't enough dust to supply Stevie Nick's duster habit.
man's man
We thought this dudes name was Emerson but it turned out that was just the road he lives on. 
Bakers and Nar Nar
We realized that skating is supposed to be on this site so we hopped on a plane and headed to Bogota.
happy camper
Hotel #1
not quite the continental breakfast at motel 6 but ill take it.
party animal
Met up with Mike Mike and James...

James is our tour guide/babysitter and is a hell of a guy.

punch in 
We ran into this rojo gringo at the supermarket

Gotta ice them evil thoughts
i think Took was talking about politics or the bullshit ending of the Sopranos. Cant remember.
this is our van. no jokes here.
pointless conversation
murking spots

Brain speaks spanish now i think.
Thumbs up for Wu Tang

More updates coming this week. The pillage has just begun.


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