Sunday, February 1, 2009

all good things come to an end someday

Hollywood Puke
Safeway killas
rooster chase
what do you do when the gates closed at a spot?
Just have Joe Tookmanian kick it down with a swift boot
I heard they blew up this stadium in that movie Money Talks which I'm sure nobody remembers.
some people couldn't squeeze through the fence. Not gonna name any names.

Puke took some anger out 
open sesame 
Pigeon shit

Took and I were thinking about ending it but instead we decided to breath in some asbestos 
one way to hell

Took about 30 minutes to clean up all the pigeon shit

Just in time to get the boot from the boys in blue
This dude in the corner was the groundskeeper and wore overalls with pride

cops were cool so they just made us fix the fence
Took made a homeless friend
Frugal gourmet
5b moving crew

Found some weird shit at Geiger's house.....
Dan V got a dental boo boo
Myspace Default
Were all smiles at the grand canyon

Man on a mission
See that little spot in the center? that's Tookie.
Took got psyched and started throwing rocks which resulted in a shake down from the guys in green.
lone puke
Good bye blue sky's Hello depression
Brian "Butt" Foley

Sibling quarells.

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