Sunday, February 8, 2009

i heard cancer gives you cell phones

Tooth murks this rail as Doogal and Falla lurk
lets throw the truck on there and up the ante
smoking i mean breaking poles
that last one was actually just a warm up for this one
heelflip indy is the new cocaine 
hippie jump? i suck at taking photos.
"just buy the magazine ese"-Falla
oh yeah i worked a real job this week with Took at this factory.
lunchtime napD-bask has been clogging them arteries.
we cut wood and stack it. Pretty groundbreaking stuff.
talk about killing it.
sawdust dreams

Took has a case of the downies or hes cleaning out the sawdust from his grill.
move on up? maybe in gravity but not in life.
Doogal and one half of the bodysnatchers
palm pussy
Phil and the ambassador of NJ

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