Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Time in the NYC

Willy takes snowball fights pretty serious.
General Tso is a good man
These orange peels ended up in his pocket...
Now for some sub-par phone photos from Falla's Pro Party. Gotta invest in a  real camera. 
Took and his boo.
Old roomies. Andrew and Ceglia.
Bossman and Falla with drunk Akers in the background.
DJ Sweet Waste
Back to the crib for a sec to catch up with G. Wallace and Shape.
Go to Enids on Sat night and tip this man.
"Red,Blue,Orange,Green...that's all the food groups right?"-Took 2am
The next day 5B  X-mas party went down.
Doogal is a good shot with a dildo.
Falla got a sweet gift which is funny and all but im not accepting these.
Hiroko and the voice on the phone
Pitts pulled some 5boro cookies out of his beard for the crew.
The bossman got some party animal threads. B. Uyeda is a serious carnivore. 
SteveR and Rok cheese while Uyeda controls the temperature of that slice.
carb cock

Nar Nar
Farmer and Melissa
this shit was gross
straight to the cabeza mang
this scumbag decided to show up.
Akers ate a shit ton of wings
Farmer and Barnes compared guts.
T. Farmer with a balanced mealPuke can make anyone feel uncomfortable. 
ears are cool right?
a match made in heavenHe tried making up for his last photo with a salad. Nice try.
See you in 2009

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