Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Road to Rochester

So what happens when your VX-1k breaks on the road and you leave your digicam battery in the charger at home? Besides getting an award for worst TM of the year you get another sweet Iphone photo update.
Greetings from the place where Scabies and Crabs are manufactured.
cold activated alarm clock
Si Mama. Estoy en el camino con el equipo 5boro viajar a Rochester, NY-Doogie
The one man show. Dan Pensyl.
Breakfast with Barnes
Captain of the Mothership....Joeseph Tookmanian
Took Fingers
some form of low brow excitement
Made it to Mecca
Shopmaster Alan
faces of fury
Akers endorses while Took creeps
Blunts? Akers is a fan.

Pat Swayze AKA Dan Pensyl lips the park rail and dips to the afterlife.
Rochester High School kids learn all about local legend J. Barnes in 10th grade Social Studies.
Post demo depression.
Weird Beards.
The 13th step
Bagel Bob still killin it
Best invention since Chlorine Water Filter....The Bagel Dog!
Still (chain)Smokin.
Bagel Land...The official bagel of 5boroNYC
Making babies is the new nollie bigspin.
Akers was about to put down a trick of epic proportions...
...Then this mess of a man interfered. After some pushes, shoves, spitting, 911 calls and a high speed chase down 490 we decided to call it a day. This Citizen on Patrol may of one the battle but 5B always wins the war.
into the setting sun...see you next time.

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