Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Heckraiser

5B Booth in full effect
Manned by the one and only Gumba Johnny aka Johnny the Bull
Jumanji and the welcome wagon embraced Guillaume's return to NYC
Jersey and Bordeaux create mind blowing conversations just incase you were unaware.
Butt came up on some cash to pay those student loans and his awful vice of fast women.
Shitting, Smiling, Cheesing, and plain old keepin it cool.
Peep Jimmy's blog. Last updated at the turn of the century.
Doogie Eduardo got the "I give a shit about Halloween" award. Props bro!
The French have always been superior to us 'mericans in my opinion.
Just 5 minutes shy of the 5 o'clock free crack giveaway.
Harder than the hardest hardest, hard can get and Steve.
Halloween night desperation move. We were all guilty.
Except these overachievers
And of course Barnes fine tuned last years jump off.
Rest of the night went from blurry to total black out for some. WE OUT.

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