Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A day in the Jerz

Assembled the gods the other day for a little trip to mine and Took's motherland of New Jerusalem.
The QueensBridge Kings arrive late as always.
Pensyl and Farmer
Danny esta enfermo
John esta el baja panty
We hit up Bricks City's finest skatepark for Pensyl to dip the nose a bit.
Gonyon takes leaps and bounds while blazing trails with this hefty BSTS.
Hit up Chicken Supreme to show the clueless what time it was.
satisfied customers
Hit up the Ax Throwers Playland for a hell of a time
Because of a confidentiality agreement we signed we cant show you what's inside. But ill leave the rest up to your imagination. Ill give you a hint...Midgets, Models and Danny Way's Mega Ramp are all involved.

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