Saturday, October 9, 2010

5boro and DC's Battle under the Bridge

triple beam supreme team
worm hungry early birdz
One of 5B's tightest undergrads Bryon Winfrey showed up today after a 3 year hiatus. Glad to have you back homie.
CBC meets Sicily
Threes company....Darren, John and my generator.
Bash bros SteveR and Pang
Tilted neck lurker photo steez. Steve Cab would be proud.
Reaction to the dude who did that bennihanna....good call bro. Thanks for taking it there.
Not a fan of the hanna
Flow Bros
Yup...thats about right.
Nar Nar and high sock Johnson
Ever fart in a crowded space? Doogie has....

Manhattan keeps on makin it, Queens keeps on fakin it, Bronx keeps creatin it, AND BROOKLYN KEEPS ON TAKIN IT! Big ups to the BK crew for killing it.

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