Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5Boro Exist Skate Shop Demo and PA getaway

The early bird gets the worm
Made our way out to Exist Skateshop in York, PA last weekend.....
Jon(right) sure runs a tight ship. Kids were saying "please" "thank you" and all that which are words i have never heard come out of children's mouths at skate shops.

why stretch when you don't have a pulse?
"so psyched on your old stuff man"-these kids
ever hear about the Polish 5B rider who rides his board backwards? Michal Juras sure has.
no looks

Good lord i give you William Charles Akers II
Doogie has a bit of a laughter problem
Went to Pensyl's new crib outside Bethleham, PA.
Those with something to prove camped and the others while other content individuals slept inside...
bosom buds
Dan has a bit of a rodent problem at the new crib so he has taken matters into his own meat hooks...
"Doogie gets me"-Roxy
remorseful cuisine
still hating peace signs even if you are on vacation
So we hit some cans, missed some chipmunks and ate some artery cloggin food. Oh yeah we skated too...Peep the video below.....

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