Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dewitt, we come.

Thinking back to the time i stole them baseball cards in 2nd grade and realizing i probably deserved this.
Barnes dry heavs while B.Brown and J.Doogs enjoy an embrace.
Batman from Peru is in town. Shout out to the Plaza Vea in Boronco!
Tardy flow trash get both birds
Classic "im so over it" Jimmy pose while the rest of the crew lives it up in Took's new van.
"yous guys wanna read my diary entry from last weeks demo?"-Took
Dont ever ask Jimmy for change....
"So psyched to get your autograph Silas"-lil Timmy from the Demo
Big thanks to everyone who attended the demo at Black Mamba Skatepark in Dewitt, NY
If you see something....say something
Got em
Sweet Toof Mcdonald
Doogie was just an itch in the old ball bag when this classic hit the stores...
Mega Mamba Mall Grab
never understood throwing up the peace sign in photos.
If you haven't seen enough of Doogal's chest hair kit or haven't got tired of seeing him bigspin hip after hip at the demo....Make sure to check him out on the road with Scuba and the 'Es Boys.

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