Monday, August 10, 2009

Nelly would be proud

asking for it.
Someone Jersey'd up St. Louis
pig in shit

Nothing like breaking into Randy's house just to find out hes asleep upstairs. We are smart.
slob convention 
Barnes is a hell of a showman.


Akers was scary good at the bongos. 

Popcorn is cool and all but flossing sucks.

amped up
Some Nickelback fan burned his shirt in front of the bar. Cool beans.
no remorse 
Sucks when the navigator falls asleep giving directions
wish you were here

beer purchase before noon. im into it.
1800 gambler
ma man loves fig newtons

Decided to take the day off and swim at Randy's Grandma's crib. 
These colors don't run
Redneck olympics.

beer me
newborn again
anorexic crib
Big ups to Alexia, Holmes and King for hooking up the ill meal at Pasta House.

bringing light to fat kids lives in a single motion
oh yeah this thing is here.
Someone decided to bail 4 days into the trip....

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