Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mo from MO

soon enough my friend soon enough
The packed lunch the cool mom that lets you call her by her first name sends her kid to school with.

he's out.
First skate photo of the trip. And boy is it a banger.
i suggest you decline the offer.
Sam and Jimmy are in the early stages of dating when everything seems brand new and fun.
woke up early one morning to go rafting....
Took has his own plans for the day
Tony E was there repping Mikes Hard Pink Lemonade and matching kicks. 
To the base
Good morning Mr. Ploesser.
kid pack
There is still no I in team
hoped on a trailer heading straight for the set of Deliverance
bearded smiles 

city slicker

true g shit

bummer camp
Joe was our St. Louis shaman 
time for the real shit people care about.
there we go.
feeding time
make a left at the red barn that looks like every other red barn in this neighborhood.
James and Akers are bros.
3 cases of the downs.
not a chance in hell
Blue Collar flare

Not sure why Pensyl did this but i guess im backing him?
Akers needs some Ritalin. See you guys tomorrow....

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