Monday, May 16, 2011

straight outta jersey

The early bird sits and waits for the slackers to show up. Forget the worm.
Ultra backseat story time
Firm believer/supporter of D and D's new Big and Tasty jump off.
I didn't go to college but i can imagine what it was like.
So we made the drive out to Chris and Steve's new NJ Skateshop location in Princeton, NJ.
The dominican delivery service was on point as always.
Steve took time for a photo opp with this local wiz kid.

Trails were blazed
and the crowd went wild.

praying mantis
5boroNYC- we're the tits bro.
Pro Trash
power moves
The next day we hit up Black Flag in good old Clifton, NJ.
camp fire tales with Rob Gonyon
fuck posters
Big thanks to Omar and Leslie for hooking up hell of a day.

Guess who's meat hooks?
The days not over until Nj's Finest TuTu shows up on the scene.
Lil Chris going grande
Family Man.
Leaving your cell phone outside over night in the rain just comes with the territory of being named 5boro's PILE OF THE WEEK! Congrats Brian Clarke...the sky's the limit.

The boys in blue have a soft spot for us.

Inca Cola and Chauffa? The Boronco tradition lives on.
we out.

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