Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another day in the ER with Cj Dixon

So 5B Flowtrash CJ Dixon is in town for the week. Straight off the aeroplane the boy threw down.
"Got this spot around the corner yous are gonna love"-Took
Failing to impress 1st graders will sometimes leave you with head wounds....
and an all expenses paid trip to Beth Israel's ER!
New 5B hospital robe hitting the shelves Spring 2012.
Our boy Marcello's game was trump tight. Whether its finding a pulse on a junkie or filling a hole in a teenager's skull...its all a walk in the park for this seasoned vet.
Hit em with some saline to flush out all the sidewalk contents now living in his dome.
Staple time shook.
No stress bro cowlicks are the new purple.
craftsmanship is key.
Clive was also prescribed Pert Plus. Good looking our Marcello.
Another satisfied customer.

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