Monday, December 13, 2010

BLVD Skateshop Demo

So long time homie Justin Villano opened up a shop 3 years ago in heart of Newport, RI called BLVD. We figured what better time to go visit him than one of the coldest weekends this year. Yup, we are real thinkers over here at 5B.
obviously not impressed.
Danny "i cant be bothered" Falla
late night fat boy session
Nothing like a Hostess cake to tuck you in at night.
Rise and Shyne with Hollywood Akers
Queensbridge omelets consist of nothing sweet out here and all other types of ill shit.
time for swine
If you thought my second hand cigar smoke was obnoxious just check out Justin's mustache.-Joe Took
Proud Parent
Seeing dubs? Cop the new 5B Gear here.
Headed over to Greenside Skatepark to flee the tundra.

Joe fell and went boom.
Doogie pops a squat on Jimmy's pro model bench.
Sweet tooth Mcdonald
Jersey quarrels
Yes it is a gateway drug. And yes if you don't listen to the sign you end up like the rest of em.
Falla's new Brixton ad.
First order of biz at tonight's flow meeting we will go over the minutes of last week's flow meeting.

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