Thursday, April 15, 2010

Downtown to Upstate

I saw the birth of a fire hydrant the other day and jesus is that shit graphic....I hadn't seen Darren in a while then i realized he was asleep in the back of the van the past 3 months. Flow Bros the ole buddy system has been proven to be effective in crowded cities. Darren and Steve.The other day Took found out the actor that plays Tony Soprano is from Jersey. He immediately went to his junkyard hang out and lit up a huge cigar. Sleepy Bear. My bros Shawn and Andrew are renaissance men. After some 4 day old pizza i went met up with the crew to head upstate to a demo at SkateShelter......We all loose bets from time to time.

Fresh out of a 6 day bid on his death bed due to some tonsillitis and bailed bidspins the Doogal graces us with his presence.
Oh yeah i almost forgot. Ed Driscoll made his van debut for the first time in 2010. Akers instantly creeped him out by giving him the look you see above. Stomping your homies board is the new hi five. grabs positivity Falla ended the demo with old faithful and we called it a day. Big thanks to Cam and everyone at the Shelter for hooking it up. We somehow ended up at a hardcore show that night. Don't ask me how or why i don't have an answer for you. Falla went straight and ordered himself a glass of white wine. When in Rome right? Toodles from Akers, Damon and Season Skate Shop. Until next time...

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