Sunday, December 20, 2009

end of the road

Picked up J. Barnes at the MIA airport fresh off a 5 week stint in Asia.
Went straight into power fading.
Which led to instant A.M. regret.
Deep Thoughts
Remember Rob at Undercover Skateshop? that dude was tight.
Once Barnes found out we were trying to skate on this trip he called a homie and got picked up at the first spot.
get my man a bib.
Kickin the habit?
what an artist.

After eating at D and D for 3 weeks straight we finally got honored with some free donuts from our bro right here.
Adam was bummed to see us leave?

SteveR's hard work finally paid off and got the crew sponsored by Burger King.
Took opted for the bigger salary in the condition he has to rock the crown in all photos/video.

Ever wonder what Falla is gonna look like when he is 50? Your welcome.
live by the sword die by the spoon
Looks like its gonna start to really suck here in NY.

multi tasking
this is how much this man loves drinking.
Last time i saw Mark and Becca i was throwing up every hour on the hour in Santiago, Chile. Wash that produce kids.


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