Sunday, January 18, 2009

NYC-AZ in 46 hours

So yeah NYC is pretty much the worst place ever right now.
Barnes and Rosa aren't feeling this weather.
Its snowing on Manhattan Ave and im not talking Jorge Geetos.
made a quick stop real quick
Went to the middle of nowhere and picked up this pile

hometown hero

Took broke out the Foreman in Indiana

St. Louis-The home of whack rappers and that dude Ozzie Smith.
bad call

Found this dude on the side of the road in AZ
William Charles Akers Jr. was already out there on an Ax Throwers trip....
so were these Jersey greats
Bakers on Joel's bike

Andrew grabbed a Tecate instead of his board
"weed is so cool"-Akers
Burrito time
Wilmington, DE 's finest 
Went with Took to Walmart. What's wrong with this photo?
Pillow tester
Putting the ine cream by the check out counter always gets Took. 

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